Sunday, August 29, 2010

chadchad in NKOTM (New Kids On The Magazine)



Chad (model / party photographer / stylist)

What caught my attention was his height.  Some would have seen him on runways.  Chad is a very talented model, a street fashion/party/backstage photographer from Canada.  He's surprisingly good at Korean.  It's been 3 years since he came to Korea, but he's still learning it and was actually coming back from his Korean class on the day of interview.  When he was asked a question he replied in half Korean and half English confidently.

Once you visit Chad's blog you'll clearly understand what he does.  He captures the lively moments of shows and parties.  'Seoul is a pleasant city.  Most foreigners don't know much about it, but Seoul to me is a place where music, fashion, films, and street fashion are colorfully merged together, almost like LA and NYC combined.'  A couple of months ago he helped to host a party under Seogang bridge with 150 people.  He said he had a blast.   It was a party called BYOGB (Bring Your Own Ghetto Blaster).

Chad's favorite Korean designer is Han Sang Hyuk from MVIO.  He was the video model for his F/W 09 show.  He also added that the music they used for that show was great.  It was the remix of Kim Changwon's 'Moremoremore" by DJ Eunchurn.   He says he absolutely loved Kim Changwon's songs and has an eye for Korean classics.

One project Chad wants to accomplish in Korea is to publish a magazine with the people around him. His challenging spirit deserves an applause and we hope to see its result soon in published form. Chad is challenging the unlimited world.


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  1. Great Pics Chad. I'm new XD. You have indeed a particular style. I'm interested in what a Canadian has to bring to Korean fashion. So you got yourself one more follower. ~Nancy.


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