Tuesday, September 7, 2010

there's something new: Harper's Bazaar Korea interviews chadchad

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Chad Burton, Model & Photographer & Stylist
*written by Hyun Jin Kim / translation by Burger Kim

Chad, with his ash brown hair and eyes, stands out from the crowd for being tall and handsome. Moreover he likes clubbing and loves fashion, so you may easily mistake him for just another foreigner who came here to 'play', but if you get to know him a little you'll soon realise that you were wrong to think he is to be treated lightly just because he can work skinny jeans. 

Model, photographer, stylist AND blogger. You have a lot of titles
-That's because i don't have anything to call my main job. (laughs)
Your blog (thexoxokids.com) has quite a bit out street fashion snaps you took. What do you think of Seoul's fashion?
-Tokyo for example is extreme. There are people who dress very well and people who have a bizarre sense of fashion. But people in Seoul are generally fashionable. Of course, i don't understand why everyone has to go crazy and buy something some actress wore on TV (laughs). I guess that's because trends come and go really fast here. Seoul is an exciting place where things change quickly.
What do you think is a good fashion?
-Style that's unique. It's really amazing to express who you are.
Like the brooch you're wearing? The dinosaur necklace i saw on your blog was also cute and humorous.
-Yes. I made this spoon broach myself as well as the necklace. I bought these spoons in Canada and made them into brooches. I'll be selling them at a flea market tomorrow.
Were you interested in fashion as a kid?
-I always have been interested in the subject, but I was born in a farm town so no one appreciated fashion, but I always was the sharpest dressed kid (laughs).
I was too tall to model in Canada, but I was happy to be on runways in Seoul. I am getting a little older and Korean models start younger and younger. But I'm not going to give up yet and I still want to work in fashion, so I'm trying to be more involved in styling and photography work.
Do you plan on working in Seoul for long?
-I've travelled to 21 countries so far and the longest I've stayed in a city was only a few weeks, but I've been in Seoul for 3 years. I grew up in a very quiet place so how Seoul reshapes itself so quickly is very interesting to me.
What's most attractive about Seoul?
-I came to Seoul because a friend of mine who was living in Seoul at that time told me it was fun and it really is fun. One reason perhaps is because all the other big cities are a bit stagnant, but Seoul is still in progress and a lot of things are new and fresh. I think this is the city for people who want a busy life like I do. The people here are amazing too. Also, from what i've seen over the years, men's wear in Seoul has a lot of potential. Men here are are starting to be fashion-conscious, which means there will be more opportunities for me, I hope.



  1. "... just another foreigner who came here to 'play'..." ???

  2. hey, i didn't write the article!

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  4. Just amused/shocked by the subtle bit of foreigner disrespectin' from Harper's! Maybe it doesn't sound so bad in the original Korean.


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