Tuesday, December 7, 2010

chadchad of the day 0.9

large russia with love
grey herringbone jacket / Zara
denim / PLAC Jeans
black boots / US army surplus
black fur hat / H&M
black knit scarf cape thing / no brand
spoon brooch / handmade
studded gloves / handmade

/ Winter has arrived in Seoul and with it comes snow and layers layers layers, fur of course being the most important layer. My friend Burger had a grey fur hat like this last year and always looked cozy warm despite the frigid Korean temperatures, so when I saw a black one just like it at H&M in the fall I had to buy it immediately. I picked a good day to wear it since the day ended up bringing a mini snowstorm with the hugest snowflakes I've seen in a very long time.

with sue-jean
This is a shot of me in the snow with Sue-Jean Chun, the President & CEO of a new members only online luxury select shop in Korea called Augusté. I met her for a coffee this afternoon in Chungdam-dong to discuss Augusté's launching in January. They will be featuring one item a day only sales of famous luxury brands including Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Elizabeth & James, Gucci, Hudson, Halston, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Rag & Bone, Rich & Skinny, Rock & Republic, True Religion, Vera Wang, YSL and more. I'll post more about them in January for their official launching.

I love the black scarf/cape thing I'm wearing - it adds such a nice silhouette to the simple herringbone jacket and was bought for only W15,000 on the street in Myoung-dong.  I handmade this bear spoon brooch just by crazy glueing a pin to the back of a vintage collector's spoon from Jasper, Alberta. It was inspired by my friend Emanuel who wore a similar brooch two summers ago back in Edmonton. He now lives in Vancouver and has a blog I frequent called SPIELS which is full of gorgeous images, videos, music & quotes. I thrifted an entire collection of spoons over the summer & will be selling them as brooches at the Platoon/Bling Night Flea Market this Saturday. Each one is unique & from locations all over the world.

I also handmade these studded gloves and will be selling a variety of designs at the Flea Market as well. The materials were relatively cheap and easy to come by, but the actual process was a little time consuming. I always feel like I could kick some serious ass when I wear them. /



  1. i like this pretty thing on your neck

  2. Me ha encantado tu estilo, te vi por lookbook. haha
    Ahora tienes unn seguidor mas ;)



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