Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seoul Fashion Week FW 2011/12 Day 1, 2, 3

Seoul Fashion Week, also known as Seoul Collection is once again under way. I've been ultra busy with rehearsals & early morning hair & makeup calls so I haven't had a chance to post until now, but I wanted to give a quick recap of the first three days.

DAY 1:
jehee shoes
I got to the SETEC building around 9am to rehearse for the Jehee Sheen show that afternoon. The choreography was a little confusing, especially trying to use my mediocre Korean listening skills, but from what I've heard from a few people who saw the show, it was pretty impressive. This is a pair of soft, quilted leather shoes from the collection.

After my hair & makeup was done in a very ghostly, white look I went backstage to check out a few of the other rehearsals going on. I met up with Hong Sukwoo, a writer and fashion journalist who was there covering for his blog

with noma
I also hung out with my friend Noma Han, who just came back to Seoul after walking a good number of shows in New York fashion week. Both of us were rocking the same pair of matte black shades given to us by Resurrection designer Juyoung Lee / 이주영. Noma is way popular in New York right now & is sort of the go-to-guy for fun, quirky photoshoots. He was getting ready for the General Idea show, which he also walked in during New York fashion week. Check out his facebook fan page HERE.

general idea
Mustard, navy & red were the main colors seen in the General Idea collection by Bum Suk Choi / 최범석, with a few fun camouflage patterns thrown into the 'camping' theme.

Here is designer Kimseoryong / 김서룡 during the rehearsal for his latest Kimseoryong Homme collection. Deep orange & sky blue were pop colors in this otherwise neutral collection.

D.GNAK Designer Dong Jun Kang (on right) showed his London collection. I loved the red backpacks with the D.GNAK signature shield like the one worn on model Jin Wook Yoon / 윤진욱 below.

Songzio ended the day with a very dark, very cool collection, definitely one of the best of the week. Big hats, wide shoulders & wide pants cinched in tight at the waist with wide elastic belts. My favorite part were these furry muppet gloves.

DAY 2:
resurrection voga
Tuesday was an 8am hair & makeup call for the Resurrection show, which was the first on the schedule for the day. Noma & I finally got a chance to work together and we celebrated backstage with a few glasses of sparkling wine right before the runway, sponsored by VOGA. That definitely loosened up the pre-catwalk butterflies a bit.

resurrection jessica
Jessica from K-pop super girl band 소녀시대 aka Girls Generation also walked in the show with me (she is on the right). All the models boys were freaking out that she was there and were sporting heart eyes (and heart-on's?) every time she came near them.

Beyond Closet by Ko Tae Yong also showed on Tuesday and as always, it was beyond adorable. The 'moving men' theme was played up with the freckled models carrying empty moving boxes down the runway. I was sad not to see that show but I did get a chance to check everyone out backstage.

Down the street at a building called Kring, my friends O-an & James were modeling for Leigh at Generation Next, a segment of SFW that showcases young up and coming designers.

I walked again this season for ALANI by Kim Jae Hwan. And once again his shoes made me all smiles (royal blue!!).

Back at SETEC, Caruso was blurring the lines of masculinity by dressing all the boys in high heels & high heeled boots like this blue pair. I must say they all did a very impressive job of the catwalk, it must have been no easy feat to pull those off & still walk like a pro.

DAY 3:
I rolled up once again at 8am for hair & makeup for the first show of the day, VanHart Homme (formerly known as Fahrenheit Homme). This is a shot of VanHart Homme designer Duyoung Jung / 정두영 with Han Byul Park / 박한별, a Korean entertainer who is also dating K-pop singer SE7EN. She walked the runway in exchange for two of the boys from K-pop band 2AM who backed out for unknown reasons.

Designer Han Sang Hyuk / 한상혁 was the final menswear show with his brand MVIO, who's 'Apron Collection' included a very cute performance with a tall, headless model riding a Segway.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the start of womenswear at Kring. The Centaur, a brand that is quite polarized, either you love it or you hate it, opened with a drag performance that was pretty lively. Here one of the models rocks some major braids & an animal print that was featured heavily throughout the last half of the collection.

I also caught up with Korean supermodel & tv host Hyejin Han / 한혜진 who I had first met a few weeks ago when I filmed 'Style Magazine' for OnStyle. She was walking for Steve J & Yoni P who are quite popular in Korea these days. She was quite surprised to see me backstage taking photos as you can see from her look of shock haha.

I'll be posting more of these shows in the next few weeks once I get a chance to organized & edit. Also stay tuned for an update on more of the women's shows which I'm going to later this afternoon.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

chadchad of the day 3.0

denim & mesh jacket / reformed vintage Levi's
white graphic tee / Proudrace
silver fingernail necklace / Cheap Monday
black denim / no brand
black sunglasses / Resurrection
black shoes / Converse
black fanny pack / vintage

Wow, this is my 30th 'chadchad of the day'! I'm having so much fun doing these & am excited about continuing them in the future. It might be a challenge to make it happen while on hiatus in Canada for a month since I'll have a limited wardrobe & there's like 2 feet of snow, but perhaps that will just challenge me to thrift better & be more creative with my outfits. Maybe I'll even do a mini version with my kid brother & sister!

Anyway, for today's outfit I wanted to feature one of the denim jackets I reformed using bleach & mesh. I made about 6 similar ones, some substituting lace instead of mesh, to sell at the flea market at Bar Exit this afternoon.

This is how I found the jacket while thrifting at Dongmyo market which cost W5,000 ($5US). First I ripped sections out of the jacket, two on the upper front and two panels on the back sides, and left the frayed edges.

Then I soaked the jacket in a bleach water mixture, rinsed it in a water bath & washed it in the washing machine. Be careful if you try to do this, those bleach fumes are hella toxic. I wore swimming goggles, a face mask & rubber gloves when in the bathroom and I still felt a bit woozy. Also make sure the room you do it in can be ventilated well with an open window.

IMG_0060 IMG_0061
Finally I added mesh panels using my roommates sewing machine. I am way happy with the result. It looks great worn with bright colors as well because you can see the color through the mesh. I also want to be a little scandalous one day & try it out with nothing underneath to show my skin.

The tee shirt was handprinted especially for me by a brand called Proudrace in Manilla. Click HERE to see the blog I wrote about them.  I picked up the Cheap Monday fingernail necklace at a shop called Flow on Garosugil / 가로수길 after sporting it in a fashion challenge on an episode of 'Style Magazine' for OnStyle with my friends Cory, Coco & David.  Click HERE for that post.


Seoul Collection FW 2011/12 schedule


Seoul Collection starts next Monday! Here is the fw 2011/12 schedule, most of which will be held at SETEC and Kring again this year. I put a box around the four shows I will be walking in including Jehee Sheen, Resurrection, VanHart Homme & ALANI and I put a star next to my favorites.

Tickets can be bought at the Seoul Collection website HERE. The site is unfortunately incompatible with Apple computers and purchasing anything online in Korea is rather difficult as a foreigner, even if you can read some Korean. So get a Korean friend to help if possible as tickets are quite cheap (day passes are also available) and you can get a chance to see some amazing shows, smoking hot models & even a few celebrities in the front row.


MVIO autumn winter 2011/2012 invitation

Yesterday I received the invitation to the MVIO autumn winter 2011/12 collection by Korean designer Han Sang Hyuk / 한상혁. Opening his invitations is always one of my favorite parts of Seoul Fashion Week aka Seoul Collection. Previous collection invites were objects such as a magnifying glass, batteries, a carabiner & a leather cuff. They are always sensitively packaged with impeccable design & typography and this years is no exception.


Inside a crisp white box embossed with 'MVIO Institute of Art and Science' in silver lettering is what looks to be a blue book titled 'In a Dilemma' as well as a poster board with a black & white photograph on one side and graph paper on the other serving as the invitation. The theme for MVIO's 'Apron Collection' this year is 'Complex' which leaves me curious as to what goods Mr. Han has in store for the show, which will be held once again at SETEC on March 30th at 1:30pm.

Once you open the cover of the blue 'book' your eyes are assaulted with a shockingly fluorescent orange card with this inscription on the back:

IN A DILEMMA: Principles You'd Never Learn in School

These cards offer principles, drawn from subjective intuition and life experiences, you'd never learn in school. Draw just one or several cards from the shuffled pack to help you when in a dilemma. Stamped in February 2011 they are not final, as new idea from experiences yet had, will ever evolve and offer ever more solutions. My hope is these cards will inspire and encourage you when facing a dilemma. ~Han Sanghyuk


The words of advice on the cards are cute (Just accept it when your face turns red), spontaneous (Just shut the door and step outside) & sometimes a little cheesy (Take a picture of a flower. Let it speak to you), but overall remind you to step back, take a big breath and reflect on your life. With this much care & thought taken in creating an invitation, you know the collection will be even more thoughtful & well designed. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Click HERE to see last seasons MVIO 'Riding' Collection invitation and click HERE for the invitations from the previous three seasons.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

flea market @ bar exit

Come to the Flea Market at Bar Exit this Sunday please please! I reformed a ton of vintage clothes & handmade more necklaces to sell at The Bling Night Flea Market at Platoon, but unfortunately next months market is cancelled so I'm setting up shop at Exit for one time only.

I've got a lot of denim reformed with lace, mesh, feathers and bleach, huge warm sweaters for those cold springs nights and more dinosaur & go-stop necklaces to accessorize with. This will be your last chance to buy my stuff if you live in Seoul as I'm flying out in less than three weeks. I'll post pics of some of my looks before Sunday.

Bar Exit is located down the back alley behind the playground across from Hongik University gate. I'll be there from noon to sunset so come say hi/goodbye and enjoy a nice brunch buffet or a pint with me.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

girls 3.3

Paige Blair
blogger /

white tasseled leather jacket / vintage
brown dress / vintage
horse earrings / vintage
brown boots / vinage

Young Eun Won / 원영은
Vogue Girl Korea editor

green jacket / D.Gnak
black polka dot shirt / brand unknown
navy pants / brand unknown
brown belt / brand unknown
orange sneakers / New Balance

Una Yeyo
graphic designer

khaki wrap trench coat / Decal Comme
black pants / brand unknown
black bag / brand unknown
black shoes / brand unknown

Euna Vera Ryu / 류은아
DCM foreign model assistant manager

wine jacket / vintage
striped dress / vintage
white braided belt / vintage
brown shoes / vintage

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