Friday, May 13, 2011

hello, stranger: chadchad & friends in vogue girl.


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Here is the article myself and a few of my friends were asked to be in for Vogue Girl Korea.  They were looking for foreigners to give a new perspective on what Seoul has to offer.  The images were shot by uber talented Korean photographer Hasisi Park in each of our favorite spots in Seoul, mine being Dongmyo vintage market.  Thanks Burger Kim for the translation:

How long have you been in Seoul? 
I came to stay for just one year, but this is my 4th year.

What were the first things you thought of Seoul?
Neon Signs, street food and knock-off bags. All I knew about Korea was it hosted the Olympics when I was little.

What's one of the most impressive experience you had in Seoul?
I was overwhelmed to see so many people during World Cup last year. I was impressed by the passionate and patriotic atmosphere.

Which adjectives would you choose to describe Seoul?
Addictive, progressive, non-stop

Is there a particular reason you like this place(Dongmyo)?
You can find cheap and unique vintage items. The process of spotting one-of-a-kind items and negotiating price is really fun.

Any item that could be helpful when coming here? 
A Backpack. You need a big and tough bag to carry all the things you buy from here.

Anywhere else you like in Seoul?
The Han river. It's really convenient you can order chicken or chinese food to be delivered to a picnic. Also there are some hidden interesting spots under Seogang bridge.

What would you give your friends back in hometown as presents from Seoul?
I'll give them Hwatu. I love the design so much I even made necklaces out of them. Also, dried squid you can buy from supermarkets. Eating dried squid is a new experience for Canadians. 

What attracts you the most about Seoul?
The street fashion in Myoungdong, Hongdae and Garosu-gil.


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