Monday, August 15, 2011

chadchad of the day 4.5

navy waffle print top / Topman
magenta shorts / reformed UNIQLO
sunglasses holder / vintage from Guatemala
yellow socks / Topman
white woven leather loafers / vintage

Greetings from TRAFALGAR SQUARE! Now that I'm not working a full time job on top of an internship and other freelance commitments I've had a chance to check out some of the sites of London. Most recently I hit up Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery with an old roommate from Seoul. The last time I actually set foot in Trafalgar Square was way back in high school on a whirlwind European vacation with the travel club aka 13 other farm kids that actually wanted to see the world outside of Saskatchewan. We raised money from car washes, cleaning ditches, working Bingos, etc and traveled to London, Paris, Pisa & Rome in only 10 days, it was mental. Would love to go through those old photographs...

I found this sunglasses holder when I went to Gwangju, South Korea last spring to take party photographs of a Jagermeister launching party at Club Volume, with Korean singers HOUSE RULEZ  & SAPH FIRE performing. The shop owner told me it was vintage from Guatemala but who knows. I loved the vivid pattern and often use it as a holder for my iPhone rather than for sunglasses.

The loafers are also vintage from Korea, but these were picked up at Dongmyo Market in Seoul for only W2000 ($2.00 US). Great woven leather and suprisingly my size, which is not an easy task in a country with rather small feet. I wanted to bring out the colors of the sunglasses holder so I wore these baby yellow socks from Topman and a pair of magenta trousers from UNIQLO that I had tailored into short pants.


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