Friday, September 16, 2011

chadchad of the day 4.8


acid wash denim vest / vintage
silk scarf / vintage
tank top / Marjan Pejoski
mint green denim / UNIQLO
striped shoes / H&M
eggplant leather bag / Vanhart Homme
black sunglasses / ASOS

I met up with my good Paula yesterday afternoon at Old Spitalfields Market in east London to browse through the vintage clothes and antique junk, looking for inspiration to make some new jewelry for the Burger & Fries boutique. She is Swedish but I knew her from living in Seoul and haven't seen her since I left in April. She writes a great lifestyle & fashion blog called Noona Blog and also contributes to the Banana Milk blog, which is all about life in Seoul written from the perspective of foreign girls with more than a touch of yellow fever. Both are worth checking out, they have some great content.


I wore a vintage denim vest from way in the back of my closet that hasn't seen the light of day in a while, along with an amazing Parisienne vintage scarf that I found in Canada. The pheasant and bulldog pins are both from a junk drawer at my grandmother (aka Nani Noni)'s cottage. I matched them with a Marjan Pejoski tank covered in a pattern of glittery houses & diamonds that I picked up a few years back in Hong Kong. I also wore them with one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses from ASOS, which I keep in this lovely golden vintage glasses case that I found in Dongmyo market in Seoul.


trench coat / vintage
floral print dress / 90's vintage
green scarf / handmade
shoes / Vagabond
leather clutch / from Korea
sunglassses / vintage


Paula was actually wearing a rather similar palette to myself with both of us rocking silk scarves. She dug through her mom's closet when she was visiting Sweden before coming here to find the floral silk dress along with the scarf that her mom's friend hand dyed herself. It's a classic look but she always has fun, quirky details like the feather in her hair, the safety pin earring and the two watches - one set to London time, the other to Korean time.

We also walked around Brick Lane to check out all the vintage shops as well as stopping by Behave, one of my favorite shops, where I picked up two pairs of trousers and a shirt by Sparks, all at ridiculous good sale prices.  Then it was a lovely Turkish meal before we went to Dalston for the LN-CC showroom party, which I'm going to post pictures from soon - a great night to start off London fashion week!  


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