Sunday, October 2, 2011

chadchad of the day 5.2


black suede jacket draped over shoulders / sample from Korea
sheer lace top / vintage
blue trousers / Sparks
black clutch / vintage
black shoes / H&M

I'm late updating this, but here is the final outfit I wore to London Fashion Week on menswear day. The first image was shot by Sofia Bak and the second was taken by Topman for their Facebook photo album on LFW street fashion. I know lace isn't the most masculine of fabrics for menswear but I wasn't expecting some of the harsh reactions I received.  Yes, insults like the ones hurled about looking 'homo' from City of London garbagemen out of the windows of their stank ass garbage trucks were obviously going to happen, but the comments from a few Topman fans on Facebook were rather disappointing, especially since they are supposed 'fans' of fashion too.  

I am fully aware that this isn't an outfit for everyone.  I'm only trying to take menswear one step farther by pushing the boundaries somewhat and I know for a fact that there are a lot stranger & more feminine street fashion looks out there for men.  But going so far as to say " would get beaten if you wore this in London..." (thanks for that Joe Coburn) is just so hateful.  It was fashion week y'all, lighten up.  


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