Thursday, December 8, 2011

want 1.2: ivan curia nunes

I've been researching some fresh, young designers for an upcoming menswear shoot that I'm assisting on for 1883 Magazine and I came upon recent Central Saint Martins graduate Ivan Curia Nunes. I was interested in & excited by a lot of the other graduates runway debuts but in the end Nunes mainly linen collection was the stand out star and I WANT it all. The muted color palette and exaggerated silhouettes were slightly reminiscent of some of my favorite young Korean menswear designers like Groundwave, Alani and Irony Porn(o). And just how effortlessly cool are those sunglasses?



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  1. Great pick!!! LOVE the collection... If I have a choice, I'll fill up my wardrobe with only KNITS n clothes made with linen!!! ^_____^

    Check out my friend's stuff, his label is called "Regnum Lapideum"... It's gorgeous - similar spirit and check out my blog too - F(art)SHiON!!!

    ^^^ I wanna meet you & Burger - let's doll up everyday!!!

    F(art)!!! OR


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