Tuesday, May 31, 2011

thexoxokids in status magazine



Get your hands on the June 2011 edition of STATUS Magazine (the Philippines) for an up close & personal look at more party pics from the Ha:Sang;Beg after party during Seoul Fashion Week FW11 or for more grimy goodness from Mixtape at Hodgepodge in Hongdae last month.

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 8.53.34 AM
Or check out STATUS magazine's online NIGHTVISION section for a taste of London with pics from Infidel featuring Disco Duo & Lady Poker at East Bloc.



Thursday, May 26, 2011

burger kim of the day 0.7


short denim jumpsuit / Topman
grey tank top / Topman
brown glasses / Carrera
black boots / Dr. Martens
blue tie dyed socks / Topman
gold triangle necklace / handmade
gold watch ring / Topman

Who knew Burger was such a Topman whore? I guess this outfit proves it. But where else can you find a men's denim jumpsuit that doesn't make you look like a mechanic? Then again Burger can pull off outfits that few others can, which he does very well in this number.

I'm also a huge fan of Burger's gold watch ring. He doesn't even look like a dick when he checks the time by looking at his finger rather than his wrist.

Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 4.49.01 PM
I handmade this necklace for him from antique furniture details I found at Waterlooplein vintage market in Amsterdam. Not sure exactly what they were originally for, but I love the dramatic triangle shape I created with three of the pieces then attached to a gold chain. I actually made two of them and put the other for sale on ASOS Market. You can buy it HERE.

One things for sure and that is Topman makes fun accessories. Tie dye can be a bit loud but on a pair of socks, its quite manageable & doesn't overpower the rest of your outfit.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seoul's 10 Soul

The South Korean government has been pushing Seoul to become one of the world's major fashion cities and after a successful showing of Korean designers at Concept Korea during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York last fall, they recently debuted in Singapore at Seoul's 10 Soul. Take a look at this video and tell me your aren't psyched by what Seoul has to offer! (Also keep your eyes peeled for me on the catwalk in the ALANI & Jehee Sheen segments of the video as these were two of the shows I walked in during Seoul Fashion Week FW11).

Featuring 10 of Korea's up and coming fashion designers including ALANI, beyond closet, GENERAL IDEA, GROUNDWAVE, jaehwanlee paris, jardin de chouette, Jehee Sheen, KAAL E.SUKTAE, LEYII and Steve J & Yoni P, the designers each presented 3 'cruise' inspired outfits.  Check out Kokokoreano's coverage of the event HERE.

Also thanks to both Kokokoreanoa leading entertainment & fashion site which covers South Korean celebrities, and blogger asiaRasia of whutderrfakqizvat for giving me a heads up & emailing a scan of an interview about me that was featured in the 'Dynamic Seoul: All about Seoul Fashion' handout that was given to everyone who attended the Seoul's 10 Soul performance.  It was actually a translated & shortened version of the same interview I did for Harper's Bazaar in September of last year. I love that they included me in it! 





Saturday, May 21, 2011

chadchad of the day 3.6


white oversize shirt / Kokon to Zai (KTZ)
black denim / no brand
black chess piece chain / from A-Land (Korea)
black sunglasses / Resurrection
black boots / military
black studded bag / YSL
grey Persian / Terrence


The other day I went to London's Fashion Press Week to meet up with Sha from M:/P Mag. We were there to browse the booths of clothing at Marylebone One and to do a little networking. Unfortunately the selection of designers presenting was pretty limited & also geared toward a more mature audience.


It was great meeting Sha for the first time and to hear more about M:/P Mag as well as Nunettes, a Parisian eyewear brand that she works as a brand consultant for.


I did get a bit of swag which was a nice touch. This black & white leopard print umbrella from German brand Marc Cain is pretty fun.

I also thought these fur heels from ASH were pretty badass & very much what on trend right now back in South Korea.


Friday, May 20, 2011

amsterdam kids 0.1

I had trouble finding many kids to photograph while walking the twisting, narrow streets of Amsterdam. I remember thinking it was way fashionable 10 years ago but that was one of my first times leaving the prairies so I guess perspective changes.  I did manage to run into this group standing outside the temporarily closed Henrik Vibskov store and liked the layering they had going on, as well as Jan's bike.

Ellis Biemans
fashion designer 
Screen shot 2011-05-20 at 3.16.06 PM
Ellis gave me her card as I left and after checking out the site realized she is a very talented designer & stylist.  I love this head piece she created for her SieÜber Die Sonne lookbook.  For more of her work check out her website here: www.ellisbiemans.com

Wing (I love that name!)

Riekje Louise Jongsma

Screen shot 2011-05-20 at 3.17.48 PM
Riekje wasn't really into being photographed, but I snuck a shot in anyway;)  Check out her website full of drawings, etchings & handmade 'towers of strength' aka dildos & butt plugs: www.riekje.org or her etsy site here: www.artforselflove.com

all clothing / vintage & 2nd hand

Jasper told me he found most of his stuff on the street when sellers from the Waterlooplein street market closed up shop each day and left unwanted items on the curb.  Well done, I love free shit!

Sally from Sydney
all clothing / vintage


blue cardigan / vintage
orange shirt / vintage
blue & orange head piece / handmade
black denim / Cheap Monday

I found Olga working in small vintage shop that also sells Cheap Monday jeans and random accessories.  She told me to check out her blog called www.olnuzola.com full of her art, styling & inspirations.  I personally loved this video she modeled in that was for the Hola Chola themed night at Supper Club in Amsterdam.


burger kim of the day 0.6

black knit cardigan / People's Market
light blue priest collar shirt / People's Market
black denim / Cheap Monday
black boots / Dr. Martens
black backpack / Eastpak x Raf Simons
chess piece necklace / from Korea
black braided belt / Topman
orange umbrella / no brand

IMG_0030 IMG_0031
We found this amazing lego block display outside of a shop called DOM in Amsterdam and it immediately go out attention. Especially Burger's since he is such a toy fanatic. Inside the all black store were designer & kitsch housewares, accessories & knick-knacks.

Burger picked up the bright orange umbrella (Dutch cheering color!) at Centraal Station when we arrived as the weather was way gloomy. It adds a bit of whimsy & pop color to his otherwise dark outfit. I gave him the chess piece chain (I have a matching one in white) which I found at A-Land in Seoul and extended the original black chain by adding a few inches of gold chain to it.

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam and want a quality magazine & bookshop,
Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum is the place to go. They have a huge selection of fashion publications, design books & not-so-touristy postcards and its a great spot for browsing & people watching.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

chadchad of the day 3.5

blue cardigan / Acne
purple plaid shirt with safety pin shoulders / reformed UNIQLO
teeth & studs necklace / Topshop
baggy acid wash jeans / Topman
white 'xoxo' sneakers / reformed Plimsols


Greetings from Amsterdam! Well, officially I'm back in London, but I barely had internet access on my 2 day trip so I'm updating my 'chadchad of the day: Amsterdam edition' after the fact. I haven't been to Amsterdam since I spent a summer here during university working as an au pair for a Dutch family. What a summer! It was nice being in the city again & reminiscing about how much has changed in my life since I last stepped foot on these cobblestone streets. Amsterdam has changed too - it feels like the entire city is under construction, everywhere from Centraal Station to the palace to both the Rijksmuseum & the Stedelijk museum in Museumplein. It looks a little junky actually but I'm sure it will clean up & be back to its beautiful self in a few years.

I wanted to build an outfit around one of the tartan plaid shirts I've reformed to sell on ASOS Market. I cut the sleeves off this UNIQLO shirt of Burger's then added rows of safety pins to each shoulder to give it a punk edge.  It also looks good worn over a light graphic tank top.  You can buy this shirt HERE.

I rocked my 'XOXO' banner Plimsols the entire time I was in Amsterdam which wasn't the best idea as we walked more than I thought we would. I was hoping to explore via bicycle as the Dutch so adorably do but Burger's cycling skills are lacking & we thought we'd better keep out of any emergency rooms while on vacation. I reformed a similar pair of size 8's that you can buy at ASOS Market HERE.

It was chilly & overcast the entire time we were in the Netherlands, but fortunately I packed Burger's ultra comfy Acne knit cardigan to keep me warm.  It's so thick & cozy & grandpa-riffic.  I've been wearing it straight for a week.


london boys 0.1

Lady Oscar

brown top / Muji
black skirt pants / Joseph Ribkoff
brown leather belt / Sandwich
gold high tops / Jeremy Scott x Adidas
gold scissors brooch / Junior Gaultier
bag / brand unknown

Huei Ho

leopard print jacket / vintage
white tee / Topman
cutoff denim shorts / vintage
platform brown leather wingtips / Prada
crystal skull necklace / Swarovsky


black hat / vintage
black sunglasses / Rayban
black studded leather jacket / reformed vintage
striped shirt / brand unknown
black denim / brand unknown
white loafers / vintage


oversized brown wool jacket / vintage
black triangle t-shirt / Long
acid wash denim shorts / Topman
black hat / Commes des Garcons x H&M
black boots / brand unknown
gold chain earring / Cheap Monday

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