Tuesday, January 31, 2012

chadchad of the day 6.3

cape / Cabane de Zucca
colour block shirt / ASOS
crucifix body chain / no brand
black denim / Topman
suede boots / VanHart Homme
One trend I've noticed in the FW12 menswear shows coming from Milan & Paris is the sheer volume of capes and poncho's coming down the runway.  From Dior Homme & Calvin Klein Collection to Mugler & Yohji Yamamoto, menswear designers are pushing the image of the caped crusader (though I tend to see them more as the bad guy than the hero out to save the day - an idea that is perfectly outlined in this article entitled 'Winter Villains' written for 1883 Digital).  
So of course I wanted to try rocking the super villain look myself. I've worn capes before and have had this double breasted number from Japanese label Cabane de Zucca for a few seasons now, but it's been awhile since I dug it out of the back of my closet.  To add to the bad guy mood I styled it with this Jesus crucifix body chain that Burger bought from a jewelry stall at the Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane along with these super high, super cool riding boots.  They were a gift from Korean designer DUYOUNG JUNG after I walked in his VanHart Homme collection during Seoul Fashion Week FW11.  
agnesb_FW12z20 agnesb_FW12u
Agnes B FW12
Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 2.41.07 PM Mugler_FW12i
Mugler FW12
Yohji_FW12z13 Yohji_FW12c
Yohji Yamamoto FW12
CKColl_FW12x CKColl_FW12v
Calvin Klein Collection FW12
Dior_Homme_FW12z21 Dior_Homme_FW12w
Dior Homme FW12
Issey_Miyake_FW12w Etro_FW12z5
Issey Miyake (left) & Etro FW12


Monday, January 30, 2012

burger kim of the day 1.5


jacket / Kokon to Zai
sweater / no brand
fur hat / Human Potential
drop crotch shorts / ASOS
leggings / Boy London 
boots / Dr. Martens
boot chains / vintage
Burger and I went down to China town yesterday to partake in the Lunar New Years festivities (not sure why they were a week late...) and gorge ourselves in all the delicious street foods.  It was a crisp, winter day so with a bit of layering like this fur 'Invader' hat given to us from Korean brand Human Potential aka HUPOT, it was perfect for a stroll outside.  
I love the shininess and multipurpose zips of Burger's KTZ jacket, with its fun almost polka-dot like printed lining.  He wore it over an oversized jumper that he bought in Seoul with very cool rope detailing surrounding a Versace-esqe circle of Greek patterns in the center.  The layering of the boots, chains, socks, leggings & shorts add a very playfully haphazard feel to his outfit.  


Saturday, January 28, 2012

want 1.8


 I recently stumbled across the FW12 lookbook by Italian born, Antwerp trained fashion designer Andrea Cammarosano.  The opulence and pastel color palette of the very French looking salon in the first two images were what initially caught my attention, but the intriguing fabrics are what really make me WANT a lot of this colleciton.  My favorites pieces are the mint striped top (I'm still totally on a mint kick!), the braided belt trousers and the shiny silver feather trousers.  The quilted canary yellow jacket & shorts show Cammarosano's wild & quirky side, which was probably honed while designing under WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK in Belgium and would be so fun to style an editorial with.





Thursday, January 26, 2012

frisky must @ whisky mist


frisky 1





fall/winter 2012

I've put together a selection of links to recent blog posts I've made for 1883 Magazine about the fashion coming out of the FW12 menswear & haute couture shows in Milan & Paris. Enjoy!

'Inspiring Couture' 
The inspirations for this seasons haute couture designers are as varied as the collections themselves.  From reptiles and talking flowers to dead heroines, be they troubled pop icons or 18th Century French queens with a sweet-tooth, the runways of Paris were overflowing with visual references.  
Click HERE to read the rest of this post.

'Hell-Bent for Leather'
A love of all things leather has been roaring through menswear FW12 fashion weeks in both Milan and Paris with classic gloss black dominating the scene.  Raf Simons for Jil Sander was the leader of the pack with almost every look containing at least one article of leather.  Above is one of the standout and more simpler looks with a crew neck leather top worn over a crisp white shirt and tie complete with leather gloves. 
Click HERE to read the rest of this post.

'It's Official: The Man-Clutch is Here'
With menswear week in Milan winding down its FW12 season, a few key trends have emerged that are causing heads to turn including the prominence of clutches for men.  Forget the bulky and poorly named man-bags of seasons past (or worse, the ‘murse’ – that word alone brings shivers to the spine), this season’s runway offerings are predicting that men are going to be carrying much slimmer and more streamline cases to hold their keys, smart phones, e-readers, wallets and what-have-you and the fashion team at 1883 are totally on board.  
Click HERE to read the rest of the post.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

korean boys fw12

It's nice to see a few familiar faces at the menswear shows in Milan & Paris this season. NOMA HAN, no stranger to the runway in New York & Paris, walked in both the Lanvin (above) and the Alexis Mabille FW12 shows in Paris while HAN SU KIM was in Italy for the Missoni and Dirk Bikkembergs (one of the famed Antwerp Six) collections.  I modeled with both of the boys when I was living in South Korea so it's nice to see they are doing a good job of breaking into the western fashion scene.  
alexis Mabille
Noma Han for Alexis Mabille FW12
Han Su Kim for Dirk Bikkembergs FW12
Han Su Kim for Missoni FW12
Me with Noma backstage at Resurrection FW11 during Seoul Fashion Week.
Han Su and I backstage at BON SS11 during Seoul Fashion Week.


Monday, January 23, 2012

want 1.7

405784_2864009713866_1068425476_32962610_2093106257_n 398646_2864009273855_1068425476_32962608_1561491603_n
I came across the KTZ FW12 lookbook today and loved how out there it was.  Photographed by the talented & recently blue haired ALIS PELLESCHI (definitely worth checking out her very pink portfolio of work HERE) the looks are head to toe screaming in bold prints and strong silhouettes.  Each article of clothing is loud and proud and have so many layers its hard to pinpoint just one piece that you would like to own. 

My personal favorite look and the one that I would absolutely WANT to rock is the above left photo - it's a head turning look like the rest but is quiet enough to let you appreciate the details without overwhelming the eyes.  I'm super fond of the accessories in the lookbook including the quirky berets, the subtle leather clutch, the patterned gloves, the massive gold necklaces and especially the black platform shoes with gold detailing.  The skirts in the collection are a mix of drag and Scottish kilt and I think are most successful when worn over a matching plaid pair of trousers (or are those just long socks??) like the white & red looks below. Overall it's a very fashion forward and very Kokon to Zai collection.
396993_2864009593863_1068425476_32962609_495066247_n 396005_2864009993873_1068425476_32962611_204651852_n

395285_2869015719013_1068425476_32964325_1886065573_n 398505_2864010633889_1068425476_32962613_1536403862_n

405710_2864010953897_1068425476_32962614_1888665205_n 166922_2864011193903_1068425476_32962615_926274529_n

394808_2864011393908_1068425476_32962616_1666066144_n 406270_2864012713941_1068425476_32962620_870951986_n

400998_2864011513911_1068425476_32962617_260726930_n 395078_2864012193928_1068425476_32962619_577942646_n

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