Monday, January 30, 2012

burger kim of the day 1.5


jacket / Kokon to Zai
sweater / no brand
fur hat / Human Potential
drop crotch shorts / ASOS
leggings / Boy London 
boots / Dr. Martens
boot chains / vintage
Burger and I went down to China town yesterday to partake in the Lunar New Years festivities (not sure why they were a week late...) and gorge ourselves in all the delicious street foods.  It was a crisp, winter day so with a bit of layering like this fur 'Invader' hat given to us from Korean brand Human Potential aka HUPOT, it was perfect for a stroll outside.  
I love the shininess and multipurpose zips of Burger's KTZ jacket, with its fun almost polka-dot like printed lining.  He wore it over an oversized jumper that he bought in Seoul with very cool rope detailing surrounding a Versace-esqe circle of Greek patterns in the center.  The layering of the boots, chains, socks, leggings & shorts add a very playfully haphazard feel to his outfit.  


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