Thursday, January 26, 2012

fall/winter 2012

I've put together a selection of links to recent blog posts I've made for 1883 Magazine about the fashion coming out of the FW12 menswear & haute couture shows in Milan & Paris. Enjoy!

'Inspiring Couture' 
The inspirations for this seasons haute couture designers are as varied as the collections themselves.  From reptiles and talking flowers to dead heroines, be they troubled pop icons or 18th Century French queens with a sweet-tooth, the runways of Paris were overflowing with visual references.  
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'Hell-Bent for Leather'
A love of all things leather has been roaring through menswear FW12 fashion weeks in both Milan and Paris with classic gloss black dominating the scene.  Raf Simons for Jil Sander was the leader of the pack with almost every look containing at least one article of leather.  Above is one of the standout and more simpler looks with a crew neck leather top worn over a crisp white shirt and tie complete with leather gloves. 
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'It's Official: The Man-Clutch is Here'
With menswear week in Milan winding down its FW12 season, a few key trends have emerged that are causing heads to turn including the prominence of clutches for men.  Forget the bulky and poorly named man-bags of seasons past (or worse, the ‘murse’ – that word alone brings shivers to the spine), this season’s runway offerings are predicting that men are going to be carrying much slimmer and more streamline cases to hold their keys, smart phones, e-readers, wallets and what-have-you and the fashion team at 1883 are totally on board.  
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