Monday, January 23, 2012

want 1.7

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I came across the KTZ FW12 lookbook today and loved how out there it was.  Photographed by the talented & recently blue haired ALIS PELLESCHI (definitely worth checking out her very pink portfolio of work HERE) the looks are head to toe screaming in bold prints and strong silhouettes.  Each article of clothing is loud and proud and have so many layers its hard to pinpoint just one piece that you would like to own. 

My personal favorite look and the one that I would absolutely WANT to rock is the above left photo - it's a head turning look like the rest but is quiet enough to let you appreciate the details without overwhelming the eyes.  I'm super fond of the accessories in the lookbook including the quirky berets, the subtle leather clutch, the patterned gloves, the massive gold necklaces and especially the black platform shoes with gold detailing.  The skirts in the collection are a mix of drag and Scottish kilt and I think are most successful when worn over a matching plaid pair of trousers (or are those just long socks??) like the white & red looks below. Overall it's a very fashion forward and very Kokon to Zai collection.
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394808_2864011393908_1068425476_32962616_1666066144_n 406270_2864012713941_1068425476_32962620_870951986_n

400998_2864011513911_1068425476_32962617_260726930_n 395078_2864012193928_1068425476_32962619_577942646_n


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