Saturday, March 10, 2012

disco damage

I just got my hands on this image from a shoot I styled for a pair of DJ's called Disco Damage back in December.  Consisting of Laura Fares from Buenos Aires and Kristin Neely from Belfast, the duo has a 'mutual love of the Electronic sounds from samples of the 80's to synths from the 90's and new sounds from the naughties'. 
 Photographed by Tomas Hein with hair & makeup by Bunnice Allen and the very cool dripping designs by Matthew Brindle, I styled Laura &  Kristin in a few samples from Burger & Fries including the two-tone half & half shirts and some chess piece necklaces. 
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Buy the shirt from our boutique on ASOS Marketplace HERE.
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Buy the necklaces at a select shop called TUK in Shoreditch HERE.


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