Saturday, April 14, 2012

chadchad of the day 7.0


I wanted to gild the lily for this outfit of the day and go all out extreme on floral.  If only I had some floral trousers or jacket to make it really obnoxious.  I picked this shirt up at a thrift shop the other day and added gold chain around the collar.  If you love it, buy it HERE on our Burger & Fries boutique on ASOS Marketplace so I can pay the dang rent.  London, I love you but you're bringing me down!  
IMG_0006 IMG_0008
blue jacket / Lone Costume by Juun.J
floral shirt / Burger & Fries
teal trousers / TOPMAN
burgundy shoes / Zara
20m 14m
Here are some other bold tropical & floral looks from SS12.  Above is Custo Barcelona and below is Kenzo.  Mixing prints is fun and clashy-good times but I also love the head-to-toe print look.  
00050m 00140m

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