Saturday, May 19, 2012

burger kim of the day 1.8

baseball jacket / Piet Parra x Nike
vest top / American Apparel
Toronto Blue Jays cap / New Era
denim shorts / vintage cutoffs
burgundy boots / Dr. Martens
Burger barely ever digs this jacket out of the black hole that is his closet, but every time he does wear it he gets so many compliments on it.  It's one of the few purchases he's ever made from Dover Street Market and is a collaboration between Nike and Piet Parra, a Dutch graphic designer, illustrator and co-founder of apparel label Rockwell Clothing. 
I love all the embroidered badges & pins about being on a team called 'The Lovely Under Achieving Loners' and thought they looked great against the backdrop of the Korean mart we often shop at near Center Point.   Shin Ramyun for life!  

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