Monday, May 7, 2012

chadchad of the day 7.2


polka dot shirt / BON
polka dot shorts / ASOS
polka dot socks / Topman
brown shoes / from Korea
I finally made it out of London for a weekend away in small town England at a place called Lewes.  It feels like I've been stuck in zone 1 for an eternity - not that it's so bad in central London, but it's nice to breathe some country air and not have to deal with constant crowds.
Burger and I went to the quaint little village of Lewes after finding a deal on Groupon (side note: never buy a Groupon hotel getaway, you'll always end up disappointed).  Lots of churches, castles and tiny little shops and streets and even a Garland Day procession through the streets of girls with flowers in their hair dancing with marching bands and guys wearing lots of bells.  I thought it would be much warmer than it actually was, so I ended up wearing this mix & match polka dot outfit for only about 30 minutes total.  Boo! But I'm sure I'll find another occasion for this polka dot threesome.  
So any thoughts on polka dots for guys?  Some people say they are feminine but I think a guy can totally pull them off.  I think it's more of the connections you make with polka dots like itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow bikinis or those little dresses Zoe Deschanel always wears rather than the polka dots themselves.
PolkaDotMan_03 Polka_Dot_Man_04
If a Batman villain can rock polka dots, then why can't I?  :)


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