Friday, August 31, 2012

Pony Boy

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine
Here is my latest menswear editorial, which was released in news stands around the world today in issue 6 of 1883 Magazine.  (Buy it online HERE with 3 cover options to choose from - the Vaccines, model Valerie van der Graaf, or Aaron Taylor-Johnson).  I collaborated with photographer Sarah Brimley who was so fun and chill to work using the lovely McQueen Shoreditch as a location.  I was inspired by a lot of the heavy leather and animal skin found in the FW12 menswear shows - and of course by Burger Kim's perfectly wacky horse hat, which opens the editorial.  Hope you enjoy!  The final shot of Jourdan in a Vivienne Westwood fur jacket laying on a cow-skin rug didn't quite make the final edit but I wanted to share it with all of you.
Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Pony Boy / 1883 Magazine

Photography / Sarah Brimley
Fashion / Chad Burton
Hair / Lucy Gibson @ Phamous
Makeup / Marcia Lee @ Phamous
Fashion Assistant  / Ginger Clark
Photography Assistants / Oliver Hillyer-Riley and Philip Banks
Models / John Todd @ Next, Paul Kohler @ Next, Jordan Coulter @ Premier
Shot @ McQueen Shoreditch


Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Hackney Girl

New Hackney Girl / 1883 Digital
This is my most recent editorial, shot with Tomas Hein for 1883 Digital.  had a lot of fun shooting it in the super HUGE Big Sky Studios along with an old friend from Seoul, Urim, who did the lovely makeup. Such a good team all around!  I hope you like it :)
New Hackney Girl / 1883 Digital

New Hackney Girl / 1883 Digital

New Hackney Girl / 1883 Digital

New Hackney Girl / 1883 Digital

New Hackney Girl / 1883 Digital

New Hackney Girl / 1883 Digital

Photography / Tomas Hein
Fashion / Chad Burton
Makeup / Urim Roh using Giorgio Armani
Makeup Assistant / Kyung Ju Chung
Hair / Jong In Kim using L’oreal
Model / Rory @ Nevs
Fashion Assistant / Thea Roennebaek
Shot @ Big Sky Studios


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

xoxo 1.9

IMG_4688 IMG_4736 IMG_4737
IMG_4658 IMG_4669 IMG_4720
IMG_4716 IMG_4690 IMG_4738

Saturday, August 11, 2012

colette vermeulen RCA MA 2012

A few months ago Canadian photography duo Saty + Pratha asked me to style lookbooks they were shooting for a few Royal College of Art MA graduates, which I happily did as I love S+P's work and definitely wanted to add some of their shots to my portfolio - plus they are just great kids entirely.  I was psyched that Colette Vermeulen  was one of the graduates  I was going to be working with - her collection was so colorful and full of pattern and energy.  You can see from her runway looks below that we played around with her designs a bit, and rather than mismatch all the different fabrics and colors, we went for  mostly head to toe one pattern/color looks - and I'm so happy with the outcome! 
Screen shot 2012-08-11 at 11.21.15 PM







photography / Saty + Pratha
fashion / Chad Burton
hair / Tomohiro Muramatsu 
make up / Masato Inoue
model / Brynja @ Next  


Monday, August 6, 2012

Alexis Mabille x HOM

I shot this underwear story for 1883 Digital months ago and it's finally online - yay!  I worked once again with Charl Marais who previously photographed my Six Boys One Skull editorial for issue 5 of 1883 Magazine.  This time round I commissioned this amazing mixed media artist Nicolas Santos (check his rad tumblr page) to collage some of the photographs together and I'm so happy with what he has done.  And not to forget @MikeyMoGz who is a pretty badass model I must say.  

The underwear was entirely from the collaboration between French designer Alexis Mabille and HOM underwear.  Read the full interview about the collection HERE!



photography / Charl Marais
fashion / Chad Burton
artwork / Nicolas Santos 
model / Michael Morgan @ D1
hair / Ben Gregory
makeup / Ahmed El-Ali 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

xoxo 1.8

IMG_4585 IMG_4571 IMG_4625
IMG_4562 IMG_4577 IMG_4581
IMG_4602 IMG_4604 IMG_4640

lie sang bong paris @ the V&A

I was invited to an exclusive gala reception on Monday evening by designer Lie Sang Bong (often hailed the Korean Alexander McQueen) in the Raphael Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum. As part of the Korean Cultural Center UK’s ‘100 Day Festival of Korean Culture‘ Lie, who has consistently surprised audiences for over twenty years with his experimental designs, presented two collections followed by a Korean cooking tutorial from two of Korea's master chefs and a lovely four course meal from Bibigo, a new Korean restaurant in London. Oh yeah, and there was soju too!
The first collection Lie presented was entitled ‘Discourse: Fragments’ featuring a modern representation of traditional Korean patchwork clothing known as Jogakbo / 조각보. The second show was by far my favorite - titled ‘Over the Rainbow’ and focusing on traditional architectural designs known as Dancheong / 단청, which are the decorative colours you see painted on temples around the South Korean peninsula. I especially loved the almost holographic leather used on shoes, bags and some of the garments, as well as the tile headpieces worn by some of the models which echoed temple roofing.

IMG_4632 IMG_4635
left: Me with Lie Teacher / 이선생님, which is how you refer to designers and teachers in Seoul.
right: With Hye Sung Kim / 김혜성 my 'respected older brother' aka 형님.
IMG_4639 IMG_4641
left: With Korean model Yeon / 혜연 who I recognize from Seoul Collection.
right: with Nicole & David who were taking backstage videos & photos of the show as well.

Huge thanks to 이선생님, Nana, Chung and the rest of the LSB Paris team for welcoming me to the show. Seeing so many familiar faces and eating great Korean food made me very nostalgic for my life back in Seoul! :(


























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