Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friends for 1883 Magazine

One of my first projects for issue 6 of 1883 Magazine was to style the Brooklyn based band 'Friends' for a 3 page feature story. It was almost a total disaster as due to miscommunication with their PR, the band showed up having no idea I was bringing clothing along for them to wear. The guys were fully against being clothed by a stylist but luckily the girls Samantha (lead singer) and Lesley (bassist) loved the organza John Rocha dresses I brought so the day was saved. Phew.

Kirill Kuletski photographed the shoot in my friends Iran & Baron's tiny flat on Clerkenwell Road (thanks guys!) I chose the place because I loved their scribbles and drawings on the wall and randomly they had a giant bag full of these gold streamers which went perfectly with the John Rocha looks and basically covered up the boys own clothing.

The girls were both really gorgeous to photograph and loved the Chopard jewellery we brought along (love how Samantha stuck the earring in her hair).  So in the end it was a good day.  Buy issue 6 online HERE to check out the full interview with Friends and check out a few of their videos below.


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