Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Delusional Debutante's at Super Electro Party Machine


Hannah Murray for 1883 Digital

Last week my colleague Lindsay Robertson and I styled up and coming actress Hannah Murray for a feature interview on 1883 Digital, photographed by Nicholas Kay.  She got her start on popular UK drama Skins, recently debuted in the second season of Game of Thrones and also has a roll in Tim Burton's new flick Dark Shadows.  Click HERE to check out the interview.  

FW12/13 Press Days

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Press days have hit London once again - so keep your eyes out for hoards of fashion editors & stylists carrying multiple totes bags filled with all sorts of freebies from the PR agencies around town.  I went with the fashion team from 1883 Magazine and our first stop yesterday was Purple PR's menswear showcase where these two jackets really stood out for me.  

The slim, cloudy blue one on the left from Lanvin is made of a rough, felt-like material worn over a powdered blue shirt.  On the right is a jacket made of real feathers by Roberto Cavali - they also had some feather covered loafers that made my mouth water.   
This very charming clutch from Bulgari features a snake's head clasp and snakeskin inspired bangle to attach to your wrist.  Badass and classy all at the same time - a hard combination to pull off!
It was my first time visiting White Smoke Communications and I was quite pleased with their selection.  One of the stand out accessory designers was MOO Eyewear which transform lovely vintage frames by attaching porcelain detailing.  Truly one of a kind and very striking.  
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BLOW PR is always an exciting showroom to behold and are known for representing some very wild and fun designer brands.  The Disney inspired headgear by Little Shilpa on the left, one of their new clients, was total cutesy while the jewel encrusted face jewelry from Lara Jensen on the right (seen on the runway for Inbar Spector's FW12 collection) is drama at it's finest.  
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One of my favorite designer finds was a jeweller named Kyle Hopkins, represented by H PR.  He has a lot of rings, necklaces and earrings featuring tiny little people in various settings and clusters that are so whimsical.  His fingerprint, ear and eye imprint designs are wild to look at but possibly a bit creepy to wear.  However his necklaces and rings made out of casts from other rings are completely fun and 'Why didn't I think of that?' smart.  There is a necklace made of dozens of interlocking casts from the Duchess of York's engagement ring and my personal favorite is this knuckle duster set of 4 rings.  Why have one engagement ring when you can have 4?!
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Our final stop today was at Modus Publicity where I found a few new shoe crushes.  The mesh shoe on the left with the silver greyhound heels is by David Koma and the Creeper style loafers are from Calvin Klein.  WANT!


Monday, March 26, 2012

1883 Meets...

In the week before this seasons FW12 shows at London Fashion Week, I had the chance to meet and interview a few London based designers for 1883 Meets by 1883 Magazine.  My first such meeting was with Georgia Hardinge, the warmest and most welcoming person you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  We met at her studio in east London where she discussed some of the processes she used in designing her well-known prints and introduced us to her stylist Aldean, who also styles for Florence + the Machine.

Next up was the charming designer duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman who join forces to create Fyodor Golan, last season's Fashion Fringe winners.  I met them in their amazing studio right next to Somerset House where the walls were covered in mood boards and inspiration ranging from Russian princess folklore to insects and Indonesian headdresses.  They spoke about their first on schedule catwalk show and the positive sides of working as a team.  

Finally, the night before their runway show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, I met Wouter Baartmans and Amber Siegel.  They are the lovely Dutch/British couple behind up and coming menswear brand Baartmans and Siegel.  They were nervous and unsure about speaking on camera, but came across so eloquently and passionate when discussing their design ethos and the inspiration behind this seasons 'Cadbury Milk Man' collection.  


Thursday, March 22, 2012

chadchad of the day 6.8

Quite the nice surprise reading the Metro Lifestyle section on the tube to work this morning and seeing one of my fashion week outfits on display for 4 million readers to see.  Also feeling very good about the fact I'm alongside such dapper company including menswear designers like Patrick Grant from E.Tautz and David friggin' Gandy himself!  Big thanks to Paul Hartnett for the photos - he was such a nice and talented gentleman to get to talk to during fashion week.

Also thanks to T.Lipop & Cutler and Gross for lending samples for me to wear.  For this outfit I decided to play with tones using blue accessories on T.Lipop's very sharp (and buttonless!) blue suit.  I found the braided belt at a street stall in Myeongdong in Seoul and the dark blue leather gloves at a street stall in Covent Garden.  


Monday, March 19, 2012

want 2.0

I recently got my hands on Korean designer Juyoung Lee's lookbook for Ressurection FW12 and there are definitely a lot of looks on my WANT list.  The olive green jacket above with the long, black fur is for sure a favorite and I love how all the looks are warmly styled with turtleneck tops.  Her sunglasses range is a favorite of mine and she is well known for her leather detailing and use of skirts for men.  
There is regularly a sort of Mad Hatter meets Jedi knight rock star mood to her collections with this seasons being no exception.  Another favorite are the chevron striped pants in burgundy and brown colors at the bottom of this post.  Someone in London has got to start stocking this stuff!  






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