Friday, August 9, 2013

Young Men in the CIty for Vanity Teen Magazine

This is an editorial that I styled ages and ages ago for Vanity Teen magazine (if you like cute, topless but not too slutty boys in various boy poses follow their Tumblr HERE) with photographer Cecilie Harris, the editor in chief of Boys By Girls.  It was not long after working with Cecilie on this story that she asked me to stand in as Fashion Editor for the 5th issue of Boys By Girls which will be coming out in September - so much goodness in that issue I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.  

Anyways, back to 'Young Men in the City'...Cecilie and I definitely wanted to explore a more innocent version of 'boy' so we accentuated that mood by using only white clothing.  It is Vanity Teen though, so of course there had to be a bit of skin.  Our models Rich Morris and Timothy Kelleher were a pleasure to work with and Timothy pulls off white short-jorts like a champ.




A lot of looks didn't make the final cut (below) so I wanted to share these as well. I think my personal fave is Timothy in the cable knit jumper with the adorable 'hello' button.  Too cute.







Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine, July 2013
This is my cover story with Oscar nominated actor Michael Shannon, aka the guy famed for his dramatic reading of that crazy ass Delta Gamma sorority letter, from the July issue of FAULT Magazine.  Actually he's more famous for being the bad dude opposite Superman in Man of Steel or the prohibition era policeman in Boardwalk Empire (OBSESSED with that show - miss you Michael Pitt!).

I teamed up once again with Alexandra Leese for this story and we wanted to give it a modern gangster or mafia boss sort of vibe with suits by Louis Vuitton, Hardy Amies, Tommy Hilfiger, etc, to play up his recent role as a hitman in The Iceman which he starred in opposite Winona Rider.  (I feel like I'm two degrees of Kevin Bacon away from like, everyone now...I so win that game).  I was so thrilled to be on board this and for the chance to work with such an amazing character actor.  He's definitely a bit intimidating in person similar to most of the characters he plays, a combination of his size, his presence, his persona - I was kind of a afraid to adjust his collar or tweak his jacket without asking permission to first!  But all in all he's a decent guy and it was a pleasure meeting him.
Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine, July 2013

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine, July 2013

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine, July 2013

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine, July 2013

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine, July 2013

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine, July 2013

Michael Shannon / Fault Magazine (cover), July 2013

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